Classes at Strength – Power – Yoga combine mobility moves, traditional asanas and yoga flows to create a well-rounded workout that will help you to move with more ease in your day-to-day life or compliment your existing fitness regime.

Every body is different so it would make sense that asanas (poses) will look different on each of us due to our body shape and mobility capabilities. With this in mind, in class I focus on giving verbal cues so that you can sense what an asana feels like rather than what it should look like. I love helping students find their favourite asanas and also identifying why they find certain ones more challenging. As I always say to my students, it’s the ones we find challenging that will benefit us the most. I ensure each asana and movement we complete in class can be adapted as necessary for each and every student either by regressing or progressing the move or adding yoga props to help support or challenge. My aim is for everyone to feel successful in class as well as nurturing a feeling of strength and power within each asana.

I also focus on working on range of motion through mobility drills with students. There is a flow element to the class where I combine all of the learnt moves into a guided sequence.

Classes are welcoming and friendly where the aim is to not compare ourselves to one another. Don’t be afraid to come and join in – we were all beginners once.

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Goat Lees Primary School

Parking is available in the school car park. Toilets are also available.



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