About Us

I founded Strength, Power, Yoga (formerly known as Me, Myself and Yoga) in January 2019 and have held regular classes in the Ashford area and online since.

I have completed a 200 hour Hatha Yoga training course as well as the innovative Yoga Reloaded Teacher Immersion course. These two training courses have enabled me to design classes that incorporate traditional ideas with a modern twist – focussing on movement and what each unique body can do rather than emulating a perceived shape.

I trained as a contemporary dancer at University as I love to move my body. While at University, I studied anatomy of the body including the Alexander Technique and Pilates. After University I started regularly attending yoga classes and I have now been practising it for 13 years. I have experienced many different teachers and forms of yoga, including workshops and retreats. I use this wealth of experience when planning yoga classes.

Off the mat, I love to travel, visiting new places, hiking, reading, working out and seeing friends. I am an adventurous go-getter which is why I decided that my full-time teaching job wasn’t enough and I just had to teach yoga on the side. The heart wants what the heart wants! I do love my day job and get immense satisfaction from seeing the students in my classes progressing. But teaching is hard and yoga is the perfect antidote – that is why my original yoga classes were set in schools with lots of school staff attending.


People About Us

I haven’t been doing yoga with Katie for long but I really enjoy it and never miss a class. It is an equal balance of hard work and a time for me to relax. I get time out just for me which I need in my busy life.  The classes are varied and I like that I can choose my own level of challenge.


As a runner and someone who likes to feel as though I’ve really exercised, I didn’t think yoga was for me. But Katie is such an excellent teacher who knows how to push you in all of the asanas. I always come out of her class feeling incredible and the next day know exactly which muscles have been worked. Katie leads her class with knowledge and a clear passion but an element of fun too!



Such a great class, and Katie really makes you feel at ease, whatever level you are at in yoga. I started the class as a complete beginner, and have really been able to progress under Katie’s tuition. I love the little elements she includes in each pose where you can choose to work out harder, easier, depending on how you feel that day. Katie also explains the poses, and the physiology behind them, which really helps to understand what we do. Best yoga teacher ever!